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Alfred University - Data Research & Experimental Psychology (BA) - Minor Of Association - Criminal Justice Studies & Sciences - Aug 2014 - Jan2019

Data Science, Web Design, Database, & Business Management
Jan 2019- Present

Real Estate U - Real Estate/Property Management - Jun 2023 - Mar 2024
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Throughout my life, there have been rare occasions when I have not exploited some form of a system to my advantage. From visiting the game store to jot down cheat codes and utilizing backroads as shortcuts to even feigning illness to avoid school, I have engaged in various tactics for personal gain.


I would like to highlight my most successful experience, which occurred during my freshman and sophomore years of college in the study hall. Due to mandatory attendance, I noticed that the study hall provided useful resources such as free printing and an abundance of school supplies, including notepads and post-it notes, in the adjacent office room. Additionally, students were granted access to the storage area to replenish supplies as needed.


With this knowledge, at the beginning of each semester, when college students were expected to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks for their new courses, I strategically befriended individuals who had the financial means and had already purchased textbooks. I then borrowed these textbooks and meticulously photocopied hundreds of pages from each book, covering all the required course material. As a result, I saved hundreds of dollars during those semesters by fulfilling the mandatory study hall requirement without incurring the significant cost of purchasing textbooks.


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