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AN.I.'s Intake: Broken Things in the Real Estate Business and Potential Solutions

Updated: Apr 2

INTRODUCTION: Problems in Real Estate

Animatrics Industries mission is to pioneer a revolution that would disrupt the real estate industry using technological advances and innovation. This mission is all set with a goal in mind looking to not only improve the industry but also fix the broken things outlining the business market for both consumers and businesses. Here are several key components that would be perceived as broken things in the industry that the new generation of current entrepreneurs are approaching with a purposeful solution:

1. Lack of Transparency and Information Asymmetry in Real Estate:

One of the biggest issues in the real estate business is the lack of transparency and information asymmetry between buyers and sellers. This can lead to unfair deals, misrepresentation of properties, and a lack of trust in the market.

Potential Solutions

Increased Use of Technology: Technology can be used to improve transparency and provide more information to buyers and sellers. For example, online platforms can provide detailed property data, virtual tours, and access to historical sales data.

Standardized Contracts and Disclosures: Governments and industry bodies can work together to create standardized contracts and disclosure requirements. This would ensure that buyers and sellers have access to the same information and that there are no hidden surprises.

Education and Training: Real estate agents and brokers should be required to undergo comprehensive education and training programs. This would help them to understand the complex legal and financial aspects of real estate transactions and to provide better advice to their clients.

2. Real Estate High Transaction Costs:

Real estate transactions can be very expensive, with fees and commissions often adding up to a significant percentage of the sale price. This can make it difficult for people to buy and sell property, especially first-time homebuyers and those on a budget.

Potential Solutions

Reduced Fees and Commissions: Real estate agents and brokers should be encouraged to reduce their fees and commissions to make it more affordable for people to buy and sell property.

Government Subsidies and Tax Breaks: Governments can provide subsidies or tax breaks to help first-time homebuyers and those on a budget purchase property. This could include things like down payment assistance programs and tax credits.

Alternative Ownership Models: New and innovative ownership models, such as shared ownership and co-housing, can help to make housing more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

3. Slow and Inefficient Processes:

Real estate transactions can be slow and inefficient, with multiple parties involved and a lot of paperwork to complete. This can lead to delays, frustration, and added costs.

Potential Solutions:

Streamlined Processes: Governments and industry bodies can work together to streamline the real estate transaction process. This could include things like electronic conveyancing, digital signatures, and standardized contracts.

Increased Use of Technology: Technology can be used to automate many of the tasks involved in a real estate transaction, making the process faster and more efficient. For example, online platforms can be used to manage property listings, schedule viewings, and facilitate communication between buyers and sellers.

Collaboration and Communication: Improved collaboration and communication between all parties involved in a real estate transaction can help to reduce delays and improve efficiency. This could include regular updates, clear communication channels, and the use of project management tools.

Top Venture Capital Investors:

Companies currently Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry

In addition to MetaProp, which is a leading venture capital investor in the real estate industry, there are several other top-performing firms that deserve consideration:

Fifth Wall Ventures: This firm has a deep understanding of the real estate industry, a strong network of relationships with industry leaders, and a willingness to invest in startups with disruptive potential.

Proptech1 Ventures: Proptech1 Ventures stands out for its exceptional level of client support and access to resources. Their services are comparable to those offered by MetaProp, and they provide valuable networking opportunities and a wide range of resources to their clients and investors.

Navitas Capital: Similar to MetaProp and Proptech1 Ventures, Navitas Capital offers a comprehensive suite of services to its clients, including networking opportunities and access to resources. While they rank slightly lower than the previous two firms, their track record and reputation are still highly regarded in the industry.


The real estate industry is facing a number of challenges, including a lack of transparency, high transaction costs, and slow and inefficient processes. However, there are a number of potential solutions that can be implemented to address these issues and make the real estate market more efficient and accessible to a wider range of people.



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